We are Rooted

What a journey it has already been and how far we have come, together. Today the barren wasteland in Spain is no more, we transformed the lands and although it might not seem like much is going on at the land currently, there is a lot going on underneath the ground. The freshly planted fig saplings are starting to shoot their roots. They are making a strong foundation for the future to come and are inviting new life on the land.

With the help of a small team of Rooted customers we were able to plant all the 1000 trees of the first batch. We were still very much inexperienced and through trials and tribulations we came to know what worked and what did not work. Some spots on the land for example were really hard and therefor difficult to cut through with a mere spade. Thus, we decided to get ourselves a pickaxe on one of the first days to help with the harder surfaces. In the end this made it much more bearable.

Also, the water canals around the area proofed to be quite tricky. When we arrived at the land, we had no flowing water in the canals, which was a major let down. However, at 2pm suddenly, a loud burst sounded. It was the water, and it would be and understatement to say that we were relieved. A quick chat with our neighbour over there in Spain got us the info we needed. In conclusion we were extremely lucky to have someone on the same water system as us, requiring water and knowing what to do. As apparently a waterwall about a kilometre from our land had to be opened by some local authorities which we had to call, in order to get flowing water. Something which was not on the brochure of the land.

But overall, we were really grateful with the perseverance of our Dutch customers which helped us plant the first batch. As well as every member of Rooted, employee or customer, that helped us realize this amazing concept. The future is looking bright for all of us.


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