Coorest IDO

At Rooted, we care. We worry about the environment, our planet, and the future of humanity,
and we always have our customers in mind. Your contribution is embedded in every milestone
we reach, and everything we do wouldn’t be possible without your effort. We cherish our
relationship with you, which is why we like to share every great opportunity with you.
A notable opening has been presented to us by our partners at Coorest, and we would like for
you to be part of our growth.

Coorest is a company driven by the mission to provide a healthier world, preserve biodiversity,
and inspire togetherness. The business model is based on the sustainable opportunity to invest
and compensate your CO2 footprint via our platform ceded by blockchain technology and
intelligent arrangements. It is possible to onboard everybody into one carbon trading platform,
making it sustainable and profitable for all participants without a mediator. There are two options
to become part of Coorest community – Investing in projects or Compensating Carbon Footprint
for companies of all sizes. Coorest is proud that they are the first company globally that link
tokens to tangible assets around the globe to prevent greenwashing.
All the information about Coorest and their platform – you can find on their site .

Coorest will go through an IDO at the end of this year, and all the current clients of Rooted will
have a chance to participate in a pre-sale, and the only condition is the customers have already
bought five Rooted bonds.
It will be structured as follows:

  • First-tier – anyone who has 5 – 20 bonds
  • Second-tier – anyone who has 21 – 50 bonds
  • Third-tier – anyone who has 51 and more bonds

In the first tier, customers will have a chance to buy a seedling. A seedling is a young
sporophyte developing out of a plant embryo from a seed. Seedling development starts with the germination of the seed.

In the second tier, shoppers will have a chance to buy a sapling. The critical difference between sapling and seedling is that sapling is a young tree that is less than one year old and has 1 to 6 inches of diameter at breast height. In contrast, a seedling is a young plant that has cotyledons and adolescent leaves and has less than 1 inch of diameter at breast height. 

The third tier brings a chance of buying an actual tree.

We genuinely believe that this is an excellent possibility for you to continue investing in the
development of sustainable ways that will improve our planet’s condition and bring you a
financial benefit. Let’s grow together!


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