How do trees fight climate change?

In contrast to technologies that capture carbon directly, resulting in pollution in the production and assembly phase, tree planting is a budget-friendly and emission-free tool to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Given that the main driver of global climate change is directly associated with the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and accumulated share of carbon – the most immediate and direct way to address the issue is to find a way to cut down those emissions. 

Among tree planting, reforestation is one of the primary schemes used broadly to foster air quality by ensuring to offset emissions that took place locally or elsewhere. Currently, businesses and consumers around the globe are subscribing to the services of organisations that actively participate in a global tree-planting boom.  These efforts can be a triple win, providing livelihoods, absorbing and locking away planet-warming carbon dioxide, and improving the health of ecosystems.

To avoid a climate emergency and decouple from an estimated increase of between 3°C and 4°C by 2100 as projected by experts, we need to utilize all existing natural tools to limit or offset carbon emissions until technological innovations grow from niche environments to broader markets. Additionally, as mentioned earlier in this article, even though engineers are trying to foster studies and research regarding carbon-capturing technologies, given the current bottlenecks in limiting production-related emissions, such technologies come at the expense of extra emitted carbon. Meaning that even though they are tools to enable massive absorption of carbon directly from the atmosphere, the creation of such technologies contradicts the notion of net-zero. Whereas tree planting does not require many resources or investments – all it needs is suitable soil.

Many non-profit organizations also offer individuals and corporations to participate in tree planting schemes and projects. Especially given that this week is climate week, such headlines are pretty popular as many advocates believe in the effectiveness of tree planting in fighting climate change.

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