Environmental Advocates

In the era of global climate change, it is the responsibility of every citizen of planet Earth to promote the idea of sustaining life within environmental boundaries as there is no Planet B. The change is undeniable and inescapable – we cannot wait for the top-down approach to take place where governments and authorities take responsibility for change. Instead, we need to derive bottom-up changes. Considering the enormous scope of the problem, each of us is responsible for acting in a way that contributes to a sustainable future by becoming advocates for the environment. Essentially, environmental advocacy aims to shift the behavior of large organizational structures and governments by activism to change the supply chains through demanding revolution.

These days, numerous personalities have joined the fight against climate change. Among them, we can see many celebrities and scientists.

“I want them to listen to the scientists, I want them to unite and I want them to act”

These famous words of the young activist Greta Tunberg raising the values and voice of the young generation represent such buttom-up approach in demanding a shift in mindset and behaviour. Thunberg became well-known after she protested outside the Swedish parliament in 2018, when she was 15. She held a sign saying “School Strike for Climate”, to pressure the government to meet carbon emissions targets. Her small campaign had a global effect, inspiring thousands of young people across the world to organise their own strikes. By December 2018, more than 20,000 students – from the UK to Japan – had joined her by skipping school to protest.

And it is not only young activists but many well-known celebrities who stand for environmental protection as well. Leanardo DeCaprio, Gisele Bundchen, Al Gore, Pierce Brosnan and many others stand among those who fight to protect nature and preserve it for the next generation.

Leonardo Dicaprio has done a significant job in light of the environment. DiCaprio was designated as the United Nations Messenger of Peace for Climate Change in 2014. And it doesn’t stop there: he also sits on the board of several environmental organisations including WWF, the Natural Resources Defense Council, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Pristine Seas and Oceans 5. In addition, he has taken a keen interest in renewable energy, and is an advisor for The Solutions Project, an organisation that scales up the adoption of clean power.

There is a necessity to join the action to preserve nature. It is time for us to get involved in deriving global changes and demanding a shift in behavior and expectations.