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Our Philosphy

Rooted in our shared future

It starts with the Rooted motto: “Rooted in our shared future”. This motto reflects exactly the mindset of the company and of so many people today. There has to be a certain sense of togetherness to tackle today’s problems. Because the future belongs to everyone and so everyone will have to contribute to the abuses that still occur too much today. Rooted responds to this by restoring biodiversity in nature and compensating for CO2.

Rooted also invests part of its income in the Rooted Foundation. Where Rooted looks at regenerating nature, the Foundation will focus on other important topics that emerged from a 2015 campaign: “The 17 sustainable development goals”. The future starts today, so we are already working on it today.

The Fig

Figs come in many different colors, shapes and sizes. They are green-yellow or blue-violet in color. The pulp is white-pink to dark red in color. Figs are also called false fruits, because they are formed from the flower bottom and the flower itself. Both the seeds and the flesh are edible.


Our Land

The Plantation

Our fig orchard will be located in the Zaragoza province in Spain. A country and province with an extremely suitable climate for growing the fig. In addition, it is a country that is fairly close to our home base in the Netherlands.

If you are interested in viewing your own tree, that is possible. Please contact us via the contact form, so that we can schedule an appointment. From the fourth year we want to organize picking days. On these days anyone who wants to can come and help with the picking. Of course we will make it festive and well-groomed days!

In mid-2021 you can find the map of our orchard on this page. That makes it even more fun, so you can show everyone which tree is yours!

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